Welcome to the documentation of the Open Science lifecycle support services

C1 services facilitates the smooth integration of NEANIAS services into the EOSC ecosystem and at the same time enables providers, services and users to publish and locate resources in need (be it data and services) as well to validate data in a machine assisted user driven manner. In this section C1 group of services is presented. Following the brief presentation of their, each service is presented in alignment with the Service Description template adopted by the project.

Providers and contributors

The C1 services are provided by:

  • GARR
  • CITE
  • NKUA
  • INAF
  • MEEO

C1 Services

Catalogue portal and services for offering presentation, access, browsing, search on all underlying thematic services and core services, that will host the EOSC service model and the APIs implemented in the catalogue of the EOSC Portal, such that interoperability and integration with the EOSC is achieved. The catalogue will also cover registration and discovery of data elements, that in turn can interoperate with future EOSC catalogue of datasets for providing a unified data landscape view.

PID service, that allows the generation of PIDs for digital assets, to be integrated with all NEANIAS services, and future EOSC-compliant PID providers.

Data validation service is the service that allows the validation of identifiable datasets, via automated or human driven processes, offering the means to plan a dataset management and offers the tools for assessing the quality both from machine and researcher perspectives, based on OpenDMP platform.

The NEANIAS Web Toolkit offers common elements and guidelines for all services’ web User Interfaces to adopt in order to homogenize their look, and if possible, feel. The toolkit includes coloring guidelines, texts, html elements, proposals for menus, generic icons and, if needed, widgets for consistently exposing some backend services features.