Welcome to the documentation of the C2 EOSC hub, RIs and cloud integration enabling services

C2 services, often called “Infrastructure enabling services “, or “enabling” services in the context of NEANIAS, form the lower level of services in the NEANIAS ecosystem and are the ones that deliver access to various levels of resources that serve the use cases of the project. In thissection C2 group of services is presented. Following the brief presentation of their, each service is presented in alignment with the Service Description template adopted by the project.

Providers and contributors

The C2 services are provided by:

  • CITE
  • NKUA
  • GARR
  • MEEO

C2 Services

The NEANIAS AAI service offers a horizontal solution for all NEANIAS services to cover the common requirements of authenticated access, whether these come in the form of direct user requests or as cross service invocations. Furthermore, provisions to support some degree of the authorization of these requests is offered. The solution is based on widely accepted protocols and standards to ensure wide applicability of the approach.

The NEANIAS Logging service provides an aggregation functionality through which NEANIAS services accumulate logs that are generated in a distributed fashion in a single centralized repository through well-defined endpoints and library utilities facilitating the transformation, enrichment and indexing of the log entries.

The NEANIAS Accounting service provides an aggregation functionality through which NEANIAS services can centrally log accounting information as it is gradually accumulated by their usage from the respective authorized clients.

The NEANIAS Notification service acts as a generic notification provider for services that want to incorporate some sort of notification mechanism in their workflows. It allows generic configuration and parametrization of notification templates, ad-hoc message authoring, give configuration options for selected notification channels to users and allow easy integration with other services that want to use its functionality.

The NEANIAS Configuration Management Service provides a key value storage for storing configurations that will be used by NEANIAS services. Configurations are created or updated using the respective API available allowing for consistnet integration at bootstrap and runtime.

The NEANIAS Service Instance Registry provides a list of all NEANIAS services with information regarding their location and health status. NEANIAS Services will be registered dynamically, creating list of all available services and their instances. Service Discovery Integration is performed using the respective API available allowing for consistnet integration at bootstrap and runtime.

Data exploration service allows researchers to explore and manipulate datasets of specific data-types (e.g. geospatial) driven by community needs, allowing performing essential operations on selected data thanks to the advance user interfaces like jupyter notebook and REST/API. The standard data access allows the implementation of operational services.

Data Avenue is a tool to simplify handling data residing on remote storages of various types, such as FTP servers, Amazon S3, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), OpenStack’s Swift, etc.

The MiCADO DaaS is based on Terraform, Occopus, Kubernetes and Prometheus, an open source platform which can be used to deploy, auto-scale and manage applications implemented through the composition of containers or virtual machines on various clouds like AWS, GCE, Azure, OpenStack, etc.