User guide


The Web Application that exposes the service to the end user via web is reachable under

User Authentication

Any user that is registered to the NEANIAS AAI service is able to access the service. The authenticated users are able to:

  1. Initiate a new study.

  2. List past studies, that they have initiated; a user cannot access executions of other users.

Initiate new study

Input File

The initiation of a new study requires a file as input. The format of this file is described here. The following sources of input are supported.

  1. Demo file: This selection will list all input files available from the service provider.

  2. User file shared with the service: In the left bar of the web application there is a link to ‘my online storage’. This is a NEANIAS-specific instance of Nextcloud that allows users to share files with the service. A user can access this online storage with her NEANIAS account, upload files and then share these files with the ‘atmo-flud’ user. All files shared with this user will appear for selection.

  3. Direct upload: The user can upload a file directly to the service.


Algorithm Parameters

When selecting the input file for execution the user has to select the parameters of algorithm’s execution. This parameters are described here.

Execution validation

The last step towards initiating a new study is the validation of input and parameters. Please be careful to validate your selection as it will start a long running process, depending on the size of the input file.

Algorithm Execution

When the user selects to start the algorithm execution, the web application provides live feedback of the execution’s progress. The user is free to close the page and retrieve the execution information and results via selecting ‘past-studies’. When the execution is complete the ‘Show results’ button becomes clickable and provides access to the output graphs.



The results’ page provides access to all output graphs. Moreover, it provides the following export options:

  1. Download results: The user gets locally a tar folder with the execution output.

  2. Download report: The user gets locally a pdf file with all execution details and output graphs.

  3. Share results: The service shares the folder that contains the execution output with the user. The user can access these files from the Nextcloud instance of NEANAIS. The shared folder will be available in the root folder of the user.


Past studies

In past studies a user can see a list of all studies she has initiated. The study parameters are listed there, along with the status and the duration of the execution, if the execution has completed. In the ‘actions’ section of each row (as show the image bellow) a user has access to the export options of the results, as presented above. Moreover, in case of error, in the ‘actions’ section the user has access to the error message.