Lissage Outputs

The program crates a new directory called <DATETIME> + ‘Lissage_Results’ + <INPUT_FILENAME>. For each different execution, a subdirectory is created, where the results are saved. Fot the time being, Lissage has three kind of outputs for every execution.

Output files

  • ESRI Shapefile format (.shp)
  • Keyhole Markup Language format (.kml)
  • GeoTIFF format (.tiff)

Quick preview of output data

  • Portable Network Graphic format (.png)

Execution report

  • JavaScript Object Notation format (.json)

Execution report contains information about:

inPath input data fullpath
extent data spatial extent (maxx, minx, maxy, miny)
crs Coordinate Reference System of output files
runmode selected method (polynomial or distance weighting)
order order of smoothing (global or local)
Also contains information about the values of coefficient k or p and R