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Example input files can be found here.

Using the New Study buttons navigate to the New Study page in order to choose the input method to use.


1. GRIB data files and WRF configuration files

This input method navigates to a page with 4 file inputs:

  • Meteorological data of the intended area of the simulation, in the GRIB1 or GRIB2 formats. (multi-file input)

  • A Vtable file for the provided GRIB data file

  • 2 configuration files (namelist):
    • The first for the WRF Pre-Processing System;

    • The second for the WRF forecast execution itself.


Please note the first input allows the insertion of multiple files:


Here is an example of this input method filled with the example data provided:


2. JSON data and configuration file

This method can be used when the data is not in grib format and the user is not as familiar with the namelists configuration files required by the WRF system. This input method only takes one JSON file, containing the data and some necessary configurations. The user can add additional configurations if needed, the format is described here: JSON Structure Details