Welcome to the documentation for NEANIAS MiCADO service


MiCADO is an auto-scaling framework for Docker containers, orchestrated by Kubernetes. It supports autoscaling at two levels. At virtual machine (VM) level, a built-in Kubernetes cluster is dynamically extended or reduced by adding/removing cloud virtual machines. At Kubernetes level, the number of replicas tied to a specific Kubernetes Deployment can be increased/decreased.


MiCADO is considered to be used as a personal service. It means that the user needs to deploy MiCADO on a cloud (VM).

A step-by-step deployment guide can be found at https://micado-scale.readthedocs.io/en/latest/deployment.html .

Alternatively, there is a MiCADO client library for deploying MiCADO and submitting application by a Python script. In this case the personal service can also be instantiated through the client library.


Once MiCADO is deployed, user has access to it through the credentials defined during the steps of deployment.


Documentation on MiCADO software can be found at https://micado-scale.readthedocs.io .


Please, contact Jozsef Kovacs ( jozsef dot kovacs at sztaki dot hu ) for any assistance.