C4.4 Spatial Data Stores (DS)

Spatial data stores allow data to be referenced, query and retrieved, based on a given location (e.g. the globe, the Earth, planetary bodies with a proper reference system or the sky). Earth Observation data, including Copernicus datasets and products, are referenced in the ADAM Data Access System (DAS), a software module that manages a large variety of geospatial information that feature different data format, geographic / geometric and time resolution. It allows accessing, visualizing, subsetting, combining, processing, downloading all data sources simultaneously. The DAS exposes OGC Open Search and Web Coverage Service (WCS 2.x) interfaces that allow discovering available datasets and subset them in any dimension with a single query.

Planetary data store

ADAM provides seamless full data cycle management functionalities to explore spatial distribution and temporal evolution of various geophysical and geospatial information as well as to integrate and execute data processing functionalities at scale.

Planetary Spatial Data Store is accessible through ADAM interface, described in more details in C2 Data Exploration service: