C4.2 Visualisation Gateway (VG)ΒΆ

C4.2 provides a development environment for designing, rapid prototyping, implementing and fully testing complex visualisation solutions for realising common data exploration workflows. To serve as a universal core service for multiple users, the popular IPython based Jupyter Hub project has been selected. C4.2 will built upon this and the framework for visual discovery developed in C4.1. C4.2 services are envisaged to be interconnected with C3.1 AI Gateway to visualise AI powered solutions, C4.3 to underpin powerful VR/AR solutions and C4.4 to facilitate end-user data accessibility. C4.2 are expected to be deployed in a way that is fully embedded within the relevant workflows of end-user activities, while exploiting diverse parallelisation models and infrastructure accelerator capabilities.

The service is actually accessed from, and it is based on Jupyther Hub, to enable efficient visualisation of complex visualisation tasks with outcomes being seamlessly integrated in the overall scientific workflows.