C4.3 Toolkit for Cross Realities (XR)

C4.3 will provide a toolkit underpinning an environment for designing, implementing and testing complex visualisation solutions exposed to end-users via Cross Realities (XR) mechanisms, e.g. those based on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). To serve as a universal core service for multiple users, popular software frameworks and technologies have been selected based on a set of components used by an existing TLR6 software solution called Astro Data Navigator (ADN), e.g. the frameworks provided by the game engine Unity and HTC Vive headset. Such components will support interactive data exploration and navigation mechanisms e.g. for advanced comparisons in multidimensional and multifrequency datasets for research and public outreach. C4.3 services will be built upon extending components with a focus on providing services with enhanced realism, precision and usability along a number of aspects relating to enriched user experiences covering e.g. novel navigation mechanisms, advanced real-time tracking, VR/AR technologies and seamless integration of large-scale catalogues. C4.3 will exploit the framework for visual discovery developed in C4.1. C4.3 services are envisaged to be interconnected seamlessly with C4.2 to furnish complex visualisation workflows and C4.4 to underpin advanced data access. The components identified so far are a tracking system interface integrating with motion tracking, a data connector for retrieving, in a generic way, data coming from different sources (individual files or databases) and a positioning manager providing the capabilities to retrieve specific data about position/rotation of particular objects for specific temporal instants.

PMS - Position Manager Service

The service is a web-server developed in Python that offers a series of RESTful APIs for the simplified and optimized use of SPICE through the use of the Python wrapper of the Spice toolkits.

This service can be deployed on the cloud allowing for scalability.

The current version can be released as a Docker container.

The PMS needs at least one Meta Kernel containing one or more Spice Kernels, loaded through configuration.

An example of spice kernels and its meta kernel can be found in the folder “example”

The service code can be downloaded from NEANIAS GitLab repository.

PMS is provided by ALTEC

DCS - Data Connector Service


TSS - Tracking System Service

This service will provide an interface for integrating motion tracking systems.

Through the integration of the TSS service it is possible to control the interaction with XR applications with motion tracking devices such as ART or Vicon.