ViaLactea Service

The ViaLactea Service is aimed at exploiting astrophysical surveys of the Galactic Plane to study the star formation process of the Milky Way. The ViaLactea Visual Analytic (VLVA) tool combines different types of visualization to perform the analysis exploring the correlation between different data, for example 2D intensity images with 3D molecular spectral cubes. All underlying data are managed in the ViaLactea Knowledge Base (VLKB). The VLKB includes 2D and 3D (velocity cubes) surveys, numerical model outputs, point-like and diffuse object catalogues and allows for retrival of all the avaiable datasets as well as cutouts on the positional and/or velocity axis and some merging capabilities on adjacent datasets.


The ViaLactea Service is provided by INAF-Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica

Service Access

The ViaLactea Service requires users to request access to the service in order to grant authorization for public and private surveys. Users can request access to the service through the NEANIAS Service Management System (SMS).

To request access to the ViaLactea service, users need to:

  1. Open the SMS page using this link.
  2. Login with NEANIAS SSO using a Microsoft or Google account.
  3. Fill and submit the access request form. Users will access to all public surveys by default. If they want to ask access to private surveys they can select the surveys by selecting the checkboxes in the ViaLactea surveys field. There are four private surveys currently available. The “AllPrivate” option includes all of them.

Users will receive email notifications by the NEANIAS SMS about the processing of their access request. When the service owners take care of the request, the status will change to “Under development”. Once the status is set to “Resolved”, the user can access the service.

User Manual

The ViaLactea Visual Analytic User Guide.


Download VLVA on GitHub.

VLVA is also available as a Docker container, check the instructions here.

Access NEANIAS VLKB at GARR Cloud: