The Neanias UW-BAT service Bathyprocessing is based on the open source software package MB-System, which is transformed into a platform independent cloud service, developed by TELEDYNE Marine. It aims to post-process bathymetric data among many different vendor formats. One can find documentation about MB-System on the Cookbook and on the MB-System Unix Manual Pages , which soon will be implemented to the docker container.

The user can login through a Single-Sign-On authentication and gets a docker container spawned and deployed on a Kubernetes cluster within less than two minutes. This container contains all dependencies of the MB-System package embedded in a Jupyter Lab environment.

While the future releases will provide predefined workflows on Jupyter Notebooks, the current release v. 1.0 still requests to place commands and to work around some known issues. The service does also not support X11 forwarding which in fact means one cannot try and test the manual 3D-editing and the sound-velocity-editor. Both depend on X11/Motif which is not available through this kind of deployment.


The following chapters will explain several steps to successfully plot bathymetry in order to show raw or processed data maps. As a default working directory the subfolder “work/” is pre-defined within the home directory. In Jupyter Notebook you can execute Terminal commands in the notebook cells by prepending an exclamation point/bang(!) to the beginning of the command. For some commands like cd a percentage sign(%) is requested.

The following steps are currently necessary:

Finally, please delete all data from the working directory, once you have downloaded your results/maps/processed(*p.mbXX) data.