Create a 2D Image Mosaic


Performs all the steps of a 2D image mosaicing pipeline. The result is a composite of all the input images (an image mosaic).

This service assumes that the scene observed in the images is close to planar or, alternatively, that the effects of parallax are negligible. This corresponds to a typical use case for this service, which is a flyover of a downward-looking camera carried by an AUV/ROV surveying a given seabed area not having much 3D relief (or not relevant compared to the distance from the camera to the scene).


The current version of the service only requires the user to upload a set of images. Keep in mind that the parts of the scene observed by the images should have some overlap.


The resulting mosaic is an image in PNG format, that can be opened using any image viewer software.

Upon task completion, the mosaic can be visualized directly on the browser by clicking on the See the results button, or downloaded to the disk by clicking the Download button.


We provide here a sample dataset with a few images to test the 2D mosaicing service.

Just upload the data to start the task and wait for it to finish. After completing the task, you can view/download the results, which should be similar to the following:

2D mosaic demo result

2D mosaic demo results.