Create a 3D Model


Reconstructs a 3D scene observed in a set of overlapping images as a textured surface triangle mesh using OpenMVG and OpenMVS libraries.


The current version of the service only requires the user to upload a set of images. As in the 2D mosaicing case, the scene observed by the images should have some overlap. However, the amount of overlap for 3D reconstruction should be larger: the more redundant the data is the better. As a rule of thumb, consider that a part of the scene may be reconstructed only if it is seen, at least, in three different images.


The output of this task is a 3D textured surface triangle mesh in PLY format.

Currently, the output of this task cannot be visualized online. The user should download the result, which is in the form of a zip file, and extract it in a local folder of his/her computer. Being PLY a quite standard format, any 3D modelling/visualization software should be able to open it. As an example, we recommend meshlab.


We provide here a sample dataset with a few images of an underwater scene to test the data.

Just upload the data to the task and wait for it to finish. After completing the task, download the results, unzip them, and open the PLY file in your favourite 3D viewer.

For reference, in the following we show a screenshot of how the results should look like when opened in meshlab:

3D reconstruction demo result

3D reconstruction demo results, visualized in meshlab.