The Neanias UW-MOS service, developed by Coronis Computing S.L., deals with optical mapping in underwater environments.

It is composed of four sub-services which are available on the following web page:

The user needs to login following the link at the top-right corner. Upon successful login, the different sub-services of UW-MOS will be listed to the user in the Home page (link available at the menu bar). These are:

Each of the services above will spawn a task. Each task is spawned asynchronously, so the user can start more than one task, and wait for their completion.

Each of the services’ buttons/links will lead the user to the configuration screen of each individual task, where the user will be asked to provide some data and fill some configuration options.

Please refer to each individual link above to properly configure each task.

Tasks List

A user can spawn more than a task to be executed in parallel. The set of tasks spawned by the user are listed in the Tasks option at the menu bar.

During processing, a task can be aborted by clicking in the Abort button next to each task in the list.

Then, after completing the task, the app will show different view/download options to gather the results. The different options depend on the task type, please refer to the documentation of each task for their description. Nonetheless, a common option of all tasks is the Delete option, represented by a red button, and that deletes all user data on the server corresponding to this task (both input images and results).

Also, at the end of the list, the user can update the status of the tasks by clicking on Update tasks status. Note that, on the current implementation, the tasks’ status is NOT updated automatically. Thus, if you leave the tasks list opened, the status will not update until the Update tasks status is clicked.

Finally, the Delete all tasks button, as its name suggests, deletes ALL data related to tasks from the server.