Image Undistortion


Given a calibrated camera, this task removes the distortion caused by the lenses. Assumes the plumb-bob distortion model, and uses the input of the camera calibration task<uw-mos_camera_calibration>. The output of the task is a set of images without distortion. That is, straight lines in the world should remain straight in the image after correcting distortion.


The user must input the set of images, and a camera calibration file, in the same format as specified in the camera calibration task.


The results of the task, that is, the set of undistorted images, can be retrieved from the tasks list by clicking in the Download undistorted images button.

Additionally, there are other action buttons allowing to View the undistorted images, Compare the processed images with the input ones side by side or just View input image data.


The same dataset used for the camera calibration can be used in this task. After calibrating the camera using that dataset, retrieve the camera calibration file and use it as the input camera calibration file required by this task.

Just upload the data to the task and wait for it to finish. Upon completion, clic on the button labelled Compare the processed images with the input ones to see a quick online comparison between the results and the original data. You can also download the results by clicking on the Download undistorted images.